Dole Seasons:
The AlphaBurp

Learning the Alphabet in a fun, burpy, legal way

We created a film-led media campaign, showing 26 different “little ones”—pets, toys, dolls, plants, ants, even hands—from A to Z, one after the other, in alphabetical order, drink their Seasons Juice then burp the first letter of their name.

26 letters to be burped

We then edited them together to create a long-form film featuring all letters from A-Z and 26 short-form films featuring each individual letter. Hence creating “The AlphaBurp”. Giving kids a new and fun way to learn the alphabet.

But how to target kids it if it’s not allowed?

We wanted to roll these films on YouTube but there was a problem. In February 2020, the US Government enforced a worldwilde law that videos on YouTube can no longer target children. So instead of directly targeting kids, we indirectly advertised to 'little-sized things' kids love.

We created five PSA-like announcemnts and put those on YouTube. The result? Success. They were successfully accepted and aired on YouTube. Legally!

Agency Petch & Partners
CCO Andrew Petch
CD/CW Rachel Villanueva

Director Joel Limchoc
Production Film Pabrika