Flawlessly U:
Not a Barbie Girl

Not a princess, but still flawless.

Flawlessly U, a beauty partner for the everyday women in the Philippines, created a brand campaign that champions these women who do not act like a princess, but still want to look flawless.

We did it by casting real women and made them ambassadors for our movement via an integrated campaign.

Everyday hardworking women

The film borrowed real moments and scenes from everyday hardworking women, allowing us to capture the hardwork they put in around the clock.

This launch was then supported by outdoor posters, social posts, in-store POS materials, and live events in two cities.

Taking over the city

Shot by Xander Angeles, the stills captured a different side of everyday Filipina women and their beauty. We then rolled out the billboards across different regions in the country and chose posters that were relevant for each neighborhood.

Agency Petch & Partners
CCO Andrew Petch
CD/CW Rachel Villanueva

Director Joel Limchoc
Photographer Xander Angeles
Production Film Pabrika, Edge of Light