Flawlessly U - #NotAPrincess

Women who are anything but princess-like.

Integrated, Television, Outdoor

πŸ‘‘ #NotAPrincess. Still flawless.

For the modern woman, feminine beauty is not about being a damsel in distress. It’s about being confident, strong, and independent. Proudly, being a princess is not her dream anymore.

Flawlessly U supports these women by being a reliable beauty partner that takes care of their beauty, even if they don’t act like a princess.
Creative Team
Agency Petch&
CCO, Copywriter Andrew Petch
ECD, Copywriter Rachel Villanueva
Art Director Jereek Espiritu
Film Director Joel Limchoc
Film Production Film Pabrika
Photographer Xander Angeles
Print Production Edge of Light

πŸ‘©β€πŸš’ Everyday hardworking women

To launch Flawlessly U, an emerging beauty brand, we were tasked with creating a campaign for their hero products. It was not enough to start making advertising efforts out of nowhere without knowing the brand. So we thought we begin first by introducing what it stands for and who it supports.

The TVC launch was supported by outdoor posters and social posts that borrowed real moments and scenes from everyday hardworking women, allowing us to capture the hardwork they put in around the clock.

This is still an on-going campaign with plans of releasing merchandising, doing PR activations, and organizing events.

🎬 Campaign Tidbits

We just began rolling out the outdoor posters across the city. The campaign is far from finished. The second leg is currently on the works.

It’s not very usual to see a beauty brand showing a different side of everyday women. I’m so proud that we were able to champion and give them the recognition they deserve.