Max's Restaurant - Alienation

What a family of aliens can teach us.

Television, Digital, Cinema

💡Every kind of family. Every day to the Max.

Max’s Restaurant has established itself as the preferred everyday restaurant for Filipino Families since 1945. However families of today have changed. They’re no longer just made up of the traditional Dad, Mom, and kids. There are now interracial families, single-parent families, gay and lesbian families among others.

Unfortunately some Filipinos who are heavily religious and conservative do not accept every kind of family. Hence these current families are alienated.

So we created a brand tagline that tells Filipinos that Max’s is a restaurant for all—Every kind of family. Every day to the Max—and it’s time we end alienation.
1x ADFEST Silver
1x ADFEST Finalist
4x Adobo Design Awards Asia Bronze
1x YouTube Ad of the Year
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Creative Team
Agency Petch&
CCO, Copywriter Andrew Petch
ECD, Copywriter Rachel Villanueva
Art Director Jereek Espiritu
Film Director Joel Limchoc
Production Film Pabrika

👽 End alienation

In this film we told the story of a family of aliens who land in the Philippines and are quickly alienated by the masses. They do not mean to be a threat but people see them that way. Only when they find themselves in a Max’s Restaurant do they feel welcomed—where they see different kinds of families and groups.

🎬 Campaign Tidbits

Originally the tone of the film was a bit slapstick. When the aliens landed on Earth and they caused some massive panic anywhere they go, people were caught off guard. The reactions were clumsy and funny. But as soon as we bounced off the idea with our director and the team, we realized that the story needed to be serious.

Our team revised the script that tells an emotional, powerful story. We presented that to the clients and they loved it as much as we did. More than that, we were very happy to see the same reaction from the consumers.

And kudos to all the bystanders who actually saw the aliens in the middle of the street and didn’t freak out despite not knowing we were shooting. Ha! I guess we’re finally accepting every kind of family.