Nike - Hyper Court

The streetcourts of tomorrow.

Integrated, Mobile, Experiential, Digital

💡 Basketball is life

Manila is a city where basketball is a way of life. Every Filipino lives and breathes it. They play hoops wherever and whenever they want. They devote hours to become better but the lack of access to proper training hinders them from progressing.

Nike wanted to help and so a new basketball training platform was born. Hyper Courts transform streetcourts into a personalized coach using data and design.

1x D&AD Wood Pencil
4x CCA Grand Prix
5x CCA Gold
4x CCA Silver
1x CCA Bronze
1x Spikes Bronze
2x Spikes Shortlist
1x Kidlat Bronze

Creative Team
Agency BBH
Creative Director, Copywriter Aste Gutierrez
Creative Technologist Dillah Zakbah
Copywriter Kara Bautista
Art Director Jereek EspirituDeng Tee, Sudhir Pasumarty, Grace Wong 
Illustration Arturo Torres
Photographer Xander Angeles
Director Dave Ma, Caloy Soliongco
Production WYD, Tower of Doom, Edge of Light

LeBron James's Message to Filipino Ballers
Lebron James uploaded the first Hyper Court one week before we officialy launched it. He’s the King, he wasn’t reprimanded.

📱 Talk to the court

At the Hyper Court is a web app powered by Google that creates a personal training program based on the player who you want to play like. It shows you more than 80+ curated drills. Unlocks exclusive content as you advance. Keeps track of your progress. All content load in HD with zero buffer, thanks to Google tech.

🏀 Smart murals that teach you

Made by Arturo Torres, the murals on the court consist of art elements that are based on the game data of the players. For example, the 5 spots where Kevin Durant isolates the most or the wings where Kyrie Irving makes 90% of his jumpshot are marked through the art elements.

We wanted to make the whole user experience fun and exciting. So we took inspiration from anything pop culture, turning training feel less work and more play.

🗺️ The beginning

The Hyper Courts will begin rolling out in other places very soon. The ambition is to help every young ballers to play like their superstar idols.

🎥 The film, We are LeBron

The TVC directed by Dave Ma shows the story of fans trying to mimic LeBron James in amusing ways—replicating his signature plays, court celebrations, and ensembles. Hyper Court helps them live up to their potential when they make matching moves.

🎬 Campaign Tidbits

One year before all this came to fruition, BBH Nike team led by Aste Gutierrez tested the whole idea called Court Connect, a network of basketball training hubs. The premise was the same but everything was done at a smaller scale. No frills, just plain training drills. The objective was to test the feasibility of the app and find rooms of improvement for the next version.

Eventually it became Hyper Court, a more extensive and immersive on-court experience.

At that time I was still in university and was very fortunate to apprentice to Aste, a true creative genius. I missed major quizzes and classes just to be with him—and I’m freaking glad that I did. Best decision I made.

Nike Hyper Court at Titan Love Court BGC