Pancake House:
Feel Good

🥞 When life gives you pancake, eat it

With Pancake House’s feel-good food, you’re in for a treat even if life gives you all sorts of trouble. So speak of your problem because you can always choose to feel good.
Creative Team
Agency Petch & Partners
CCO Andrew Petch
CD Rachel Villanueva
Art Director Jereek Espiritu
Film Director Krizzie Syfu
Production Artillerie

🥊 One-two punchline

The film series features a wide range of one-liner jokes that are relevant to different age groups—from a know-it-all millennial to a hip mom with her amigas.

The punchline ends with pancake syrup supers that I personally wrote using expired honey and photographed in my baclony. We then cut to quick montage shots ala-Wright for the payoff.