Vivo - Connections

Connections should have no limits.


💡 Happy V-Day

Vivo believes that Valentine’s Day is meant to be celebrated by anyone, anywhere. So we launched a film that does that. We told the story between a traveller and a local, and the connection they made throughout the night.
Creative Team
Agency Petch&
CCO, Copywriter Andrew Petch
ECD, Copywriter Rachel Villanueva
Art Director Jereek Espiritu
Film Director Joel Limchoc
Production Film Pabrika

📱 Connections should have no limits

This is a film that tells the story of a Filipino traveller who forms an unlikely connection with a Japanese local through her earphones. They spend the entire night on the most beautiful Valentine’s night date ever—creating a musical and physical bond between them and overcoming the limits of each other’s language, cultural differences, physical separation, and even sexual preference.

🎬 Campaign Tidbits

When we first presented this idea, we weren’t sure if clients would buy it, more so shooting in Japan. We were dealing with meeting the deadline, getting visas, and preparing the logistics. In the end, we managed to sold it to the clients.

Nothing beats the authentic visual landscape of Japan. It’s raw, stimulating, and somewhat loose. We wanted to capture that vibe as you watch the story of two strangers connecting through music. And I’d like to believe we achieve that.